KPOP ICO creates a new business trend that can be operated on the basis of contents in Hallyu entertainment market and investment in cryptocurrency based on blockchain.

  • Find
    Entertainment Items


  • Growing Up

(Initial Coin Offering)

It is an investment method that provides funds needed to discover and develop high-level entertainment items by issuing a block chain based cryptocurrency and selling it to investors.
Because the investment is raised in cryptocurrency and not in cash, anyone in the world can easily invest in a viable item, and with a lower entry barrier and no regulations, can make it easier to invest in a fund, and in a simpler way.

Investments raised through the ICO are used to develop the item, and through the distribution and sale of the finished superior item, the growth of entertainment producers and investors is achieved.
The growth of entertainment producer and investors can continue to expand the infrastructure that can lead to reinvestment in the development of entertainment items, allowing them to complete the ideal business ecosystem.

Propose the new ECOSYSTEM vision
of the entertainment market

KPOP ICO is more than just about creating and selling Entertainment tokens.
Provides support for the ongoing discovery and training of high level Hallyu entertainment content.

Business Model

Investors receive ANYCOIN in return for providing Ethereum. ICO funds are used to produce high-quality IDOL groups through an entertainment production company. Investors will be paid dividends based on revenue from the IDOL group's activities. Part of ICO funds will be allocated to a deposit and used for the exchange operation. Investors can sell their own ANYCOIN directly on exchanges and will be able to make profits.

Transparent ICO with A group
of experts from various fields

KPOP ICO is evaluated and verified ICO Company Valuability, Growth possibility of project items, History and reliability of Project team, etc., with Special Investment Management and group of experts from various fields


ANYCOIN plays various roles in verifying the reliability of small/mid-size company or startups requiring investment, providing funds through ICO, providing measures to ensure investor's investment information, and extending the use of cryptocurrency in the real economy by expanding the marketplace.

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